Is he too shy and insecure to make a move?

I luke this mutual friend of mine. My friend tells me he's been hurt twice and a row and left for someone else. He's was already really insecure and shy. We flirted and fooled around twice while we were drunk. He has not initiated hanging out or texting me since. I still see him all the time in groups. Problem is I'm extremely shy as well. I sometimes even act more quiet around him or ignore him because I don't want to make it too obvious I like him in case he doesn't like me back. Is there a chance he likes me but is really too shy and insecure to initiate sober?


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  • It's almost certain that you are guessing correctly; he's too beaten up by past experiences to risk telling you his feelings. But don't try to get him drunk, you'll never know his real feelings that way.

    Invite him for coffee or something informal where there won't be other people noticing...

    • Can you read my second part below on what he did when he was drunk and tell me what you think plz?

    • It sounds as if he needs the alcohol o give him the courage to approach you, but then, of course, his approach is, well, not exactly smooth! A common propblem

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  • Ever heard of "fuck it" mode... get a little buzz... tell him all the stuff you just told us... worst case he friend zones you, you can just blame it on the booze... works every time.

  • well good luck with that. it won't work.


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  • The problem is that if you act quiet or even ignore him because not wanting to make your feelings too obvious then how is he supposed to make a move based on these signals, let him know how you feel by smiling more, not ignoring him, he's not a mind reader and it's maybe your mixed signals that throw him off, no one wants to be rejected or make a fool out of themselves and it seems you both are being extra careful, someone has to grab the bull by the horns and be upfront about how you feel, otherwise it's going nowhere.

    • This ^^^

    • Thanks it's true. The only thing that I can't get out of my mind is after we fooled around the first time I woke up in hie room and out of confusion of the situation I said omg this is so awkward. He then said yes sorry I don't see you that way. we fell back asleep and when I woke up he was all over me. I'm confused did he say that because I said it was awkward and was a cared of getting rejected or maybe he really doesn't see me that way. But then why would he be all over me? He also flirted and asked me to have sex when we were both really drunk another time.

    • What do you guys think?

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