I been wanting a relationship with a guy I meet four months ago now we in one and I feel no chemistry when we wasn't together I felt like he cared?

We talk everyday he spends time with me but when he not around me like at work or whatever its like I can barely get him to talk to me maybe I'm just a female who need constant communication from my boyfriend I don't know that's just the type of rship I'm use to... most men I have talk to call me crazy I just want someone who cares for me like I do them.. I think I catch feelings to fast but I want a rship because I dong want to be lonely n still looking at thirty I want to build with someone now im23 but time flies help need advice..


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  • Cling-Alert... here's a little advice ma'am... when you keep advancing on someone, you give them no room to come to you... step back a bit... give a little space... let HIM be able to come to you... to talk to you. You keep on initiating and contacting now you feel he's not doing anything but in reality... you aren't giving him the chance...

    • I said that I was gone just fall back to see what happens I think you right maybe Im forcing it thanks for the advice someone told me I seem like the type that have to have a man under me I'm just gone give him some space..

    • good idea...

  • Maybe u r expecting just a little too much out of the guy
    Ease up a bit and relax


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