Girls, would you be a wing girl for your guy friend?

My only concern is that she's going to want to bring two or three of her female friends along, and I'd rather just have her help me out with meeting girls, cause three girls just seems like a disaster. I met her through my brothers girlfriend and she seems to think she would go for it. She's like text he and ask, but my brothers girlfriend doesn't always give good advice. Girls, what do you think? by the way this girl is a lesbian, so she doesn't have any romantic interest in me.


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  • I wouldn't mind helping a friend out. Best thing you can do is ask her if she would be interested in helping you.

    • I guess she could help me by introducing me to a girl? Cause it would look weird if I was sitting with a girl and then went over and hit on a girl.

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    • Sounds like a good idea:) My intention isn't to hookup with a girl that night, I'm not into that kind of thing. I guess you mean to have them help me meet a nice girl? I don't want them to think that I'm asking for help to get laid. lol I just like to get comfortable with a person before having sex with them that's all :)

    • Oh no, as someone who is the same way I completely understand :) you could always ask her that or see if she knows any nice girls she could possibly set you up with and invite out with the three of you. That way it's more like just hanging out and the two of you can get to know each other and it wouldn't feel like a date really so it shouldn't be uncomfortable or anything!

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  • Yeah, I would.

    Then ask her to don't bring more friends lol

  • I've done it for my guy friends before, and would do it again.


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