Would you lose interest in a girl after?

We went out on a date. And a few weeks later we hung out and ended up kissing, touching, and reciprocal oral 🤗 I like him a lot. I won't have sex with him at all, I wish I would've never done the oral. However, guys do you feel that took mystery away from me? Would you feel that there is no need to chase a girl anymore if she won't give up her panties but you did get the second best thing? I want him to chase me he hasn't acted different or anything like that, I just wanted to know what overall guys would think? We have good chemistry so, like I said if it were you and me would you still chase me if I'm not giving up anything else or putting us back in that position?
I never meant that I'll never have sex with him. I just meant right now no sex. I want him to chase me, not just for the sex, but because he wants all of me including that in the future
So I see I made myself look like an ass. Let's see here. I like the guy a lot. When I say chase I mean I want him to work for me not a Hollywood type stuff but I like dates, simple phone calls nothing flashy I'm really chilled and sit back and play Xbox with him. I want to have sex with him badly it's been forever and I don't want to play games with him. I like him a lot


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  • So you give him kisses, touches and oral sex and then you say 'I won't have sex'. I can see why a guy would be turned off and would view you as a tease and wouldn't bother with you.

    If you want a guy to 'chase you' then you might want to tone it down a bit and not wrap your lips around the guy's penis.

    • Harsh but the truth. Appreciate it.

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    • I know. Honestly, like just a reference it's many factors. Should I just give up on this guy? It'll hurt and suck but as a man would you feel that I'm easy for that? I don't think it's any way I can really come back from it and "redeem" myself because i don't do that I've only had one boyfriend

    • I wouldn't give up on him entirely but I wouldn't sit around waiting for him to get in contact with you, just get on with your day-to-day activities and keep your options open. If you're asking me if I would think you're easy, I wouldn't say so providing it's one incident, if it has been several incidents then yes I would, but I wouldn't berate you for it. I am conservative and traditional, I believe that sex should be saved for a relationship. I only have sex with a woman who is my girlfriend and who I have strong feelings for, so at the very worst I would view you as incompatible with me.

      I don't think you need to redeem yourself, you've done nothing wrong, you acted on your emotions and your sexual desires, there's nothing immoral about that but you have to realize that for every action there is a consequence and that consequence might not always swing in your favor.

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  • As a girl, I wouldn't care.

    But many guys would think oral without sex is kinda frustrating.

    But if he likes you then you won't have a problem with that.


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  • The chase is only for sex if that's off then no chase
    It's courting that we do if we like her and would do it even if sex is off the table

  • " I won't have sex with him at all,"- did you tell him that part?

    I would definitely not want her because sex is important.

    • I mean not right now. Sex is definitely in the future. But I mean just for now I want mystery to myself I want him to chase me not just for the sex but the fact that I have sex appeal and he'll try and stuff if it makes sense hun

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    • Chasing is courting to me

    • Courting is also a game really. The women I have dated have always been direct. They didn't want us to chase each other. If we wanted to have sex, we would. @asker You are playing games. Also, you seem to have a Hollywood depiction of courting. Where the man chases the women.

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