Getting his respect again?

I like him a lot. But I'm sure I made myself seem like an easy whorešŸ˜£There's no way to "redeem" myself or come back from this right guys? I didn't have sex but we did have oral sex and I feel maybe I took my "mystery" away from him even though he hasn't gotten in my panties. He seems to have liked me too, he has t changed or anything much still texts me we both work a lot so it works out for me a little bit. But I wanted to be with guy, and I'm not hurt for him I'm just hurt that I may have messed up
somerhkng great. I'm afraid I may seem and easy and lost respect? I'm not going to trip on him too much I do respect myself but guys how could a girl show you she's not easy, respects herself, and show you a relationship with her is wassup after something like this went down?


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  • I don't know for how long you've been with this guy, are the two of you dating or what's going on? I think you are being too hard on yourself right now because it was just oral and not sex, if you had sex with him then it would be hard to gain his respect again but it also depends on what type of person he is. If you want to avoid being used, lose his respect or come off as easy - don't sleep with him until you're in a relationship. Trust me on that one but I'm sure you already know. He's still texting you and that's great so nothing to worry about just avoid anything sexual from now on and get to know him. Don't be too clingy and don't move way too fast, stay classy, be just a little hard to get. I gave oral on the first date once and nothing changed we continued seeing each other for months.


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