Is this a flirty/sexual conversation? Clever people, help! Looking for MHO?

I've colour coordinated it to make the conversation easier to follow. She's in pink and he's in blue. I'm not sure what the shagging cats thing is about... is he just being silly and joking or is he referring to sex with her?

Whats the opinions on this guys?
Is this a flirty/sexual conversation? Clever people, help! Looking for MHO...?

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  • he's saying you have a twisted soul, that's not very flattering

    • But, isn't he complimenting my eyes?

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    • Which you are

    • Explain why then?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe the girl sent him a picture of her make up which included cat eyes. I don't really know. It definitely sounds pretty flirty to me, but maybe he did it to be friendly/to make her feel better about something.
    It needs more context.

    • Yeah I guess you're right there, context isn't great at all! She may have sent him a picture or something as I think she was meeting him that night... but I can't be sure. It does sound flirty for sure though.

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