Do you think I was the one who screwed up? Or did he just blow me off? Please help because this is really stressing me out?

So recently I've been thinking A LOT about this guy I had a thing with LAST YEAR at THIS TIME. So a loot of time has passed, yes. We started talking when he added me on facebook and then on snapchat as well. We talked all the time and then one day I was planning to go on a concert with my bestie but I couldn't afford the ticket so he BOUGHT IT for me and I went. That was the first time we saw eachother in person (well he told me he noticed me before, but I never noticed him) and it was obvious that he was Really into me. Though I had no freakin' idea that he looked so damn good! He's probably one of the best looking guys I've ever met and I mean it.
So at the concert we didn't see eacother much, because it was crowded. Then later on we talked a lot, he spent the whole Christmas just talking to me. I know his sister and she told me that while they were eating dinner he was just on his phone, texting me. It was so adorable. And then that night we went to this big Christmas party together with some friends and that was the first time we kissed. It was amazing. Everyone was telling us how good we look together and I just felt... happy.
I left earlier that night and when I came home he texted me if I arrived safely... We talked a bit and then he said ''When are we going out (on a date)?'' and I was like ''I don't know, you tell me'' and he said ''this weekend :)'' and I DIDN'T REPLY! I didn't reply because i already said that we should go out and when he mentioned the weekend I took it as something that has already been arranged!!!
The next day i snapped him asking if Elvis (a friend that we visited that night) maybe found my necklace since i lost it. And he just said that he'll ask and then 5 minutes later, a simple ''no :)'' and that's it!!! We didn't talk much after that...
Though once when we snapped a bit he said ''snapchat is such a stupid app to talk on'' and I was like ''yeah why do we'' I meant why do we talk on snap and not somewhere else but he took it as me saying why do we snap at all and he reaplyd ''oh stop it blair '' and when i asked what's the matter he didn't reply..
So now the thing is that two weeks ago he flirted with my bestie at a party and snapped her a day later. Also another friend told me that he told her that I'm long pas
Also another friend told me that he told her that we happened long ago and that he was the one to BLOW ME OFF? Even though not so long ago he snapped me again asking why I don't call him? Maybe I hurt his ego or something?
What do you think?


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  • I think you both wanted things to go further but you were both just a little shy! Get in there, you clearly liked each other a lot :) get talking again and get going on that date! You've only waited a whole year haha. Good luck to you :)

    • Yes what you're saying makes sense but what about what he said that he was the one to blow me off? That's mean. And the part where he Flirted with my best friend? Not cool either.

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    • You really think so? Its just that for a long time I believed that he was the one who screwed me over.. and I felt really bad about it because that doesn't happen to me. And now I feel like I just ruined everything. + The thing is that at the moment I'm seeing this guy and they know each other! It's awful and I just recently realized it when they posted a pic together! It seems like they have a lot of mutual friends and sometimes hang out together as well... And I can't just blow off this guy, because I like him too, though I never really forgot about Jean (his name). And I think its important to mention that 3 day ago I posted this love song on fb and Jean liked it and yesterday I posted another song with a quote saying that a lot of time has passed, but I'm still thinking about you.. and the song is written from a man's point of view and he liked it again! And don't misunderstand me.. I'm not one of those girls that gives a lot of meaning to likes on fb etc..

    • But the thing is that he hasn't liked anything of mine for a year!
      Its really ironic that this is happening now... the same time as it was happening last year.. what a world huh?

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