Why does every girl I talk to turn out to be a flake?

Every girl I meet turns out to be a flake one way or another. Just one example - the woman I was supposed to go on a third date with last night canceled at the last minute by calling. She gave what sounded like a bs excuse only to say she would get in touch later that night one way or the other. Well, I never hear back. So I send a text today and she replies back within a few minutes acting like the world revolves around her and I don't know what she's going through. It's funny how they can never take one minute to call/text but when I call them out on it they reply right back with "you don't know what I'm going through" sounding like the world revolves around her. ( And this was the second time, so I'm not eggerating).

That was just one example.

Why do all girls flake?


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  • Maybe it's you.

    • She asked me on the third date, and everything was good to go. Try having something intelligent to say next time.

    • Is that why it didn't happen? Because she was so eager?

      Anyway, seriously, if something keeps on happening with every single girl, you need to look at yourself then. It's the same with girls who have the same old situations with guys over and over. Once is bad luck, twice coincidence, when it begins to happen multiple times, you can't blame the rest of the world. You need to look at yourself, look at the dates, and ask yourself why it keeps happening.

      You say "why do all girls flake" they obviously don't, that's why other guys can continue to date for a long time and then get into serious relationships. It's not all girls, it's you and the girls you date.

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