Just venting cause of frustration but why can't a guy acknowledge he messed up?

My ex reached out to my relative about something but mentioned how he has no hard feelings towards me (I ended our relationship) but we just didn't see things eye to eye. This statement frustrated me because we ended things because he was a liar and a cheater and lazy and preferred trying to live off me than being a man. I don't know why after so much time has passed this angered me but it makes me feel that he just is in denial or is a complete idiot in not realizing his erroneous ways. I hate to think I ended things with someone who just ignored the reason why I did. At least acknowlegdement would be appreciated but to state 'we didn't see eye to eye' makes me feel angry.


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  • Your right he just can't see how he is so forget it and don't let it eat u up. He'll only realise one day when he's old and lonely and looks back at his life thinking what a cock he was.

  • He's stating it from his view. He won't ever see things from your view


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