Is there a chance of us in the future?

two months ago we started talking, after being friends for a long time, keep in mind that I've liked him for 11 months. he liked me but one day I got too close to his best friend because his friend was flirting with me and I started to kind of like him, then the boy I was talking to got worried that me and his best friend liked eachother so he stopped talking to me and went back to this girl that he's had a thing with before. but then in Halloween he said he didn't like that girl anymore and we ended up kissing, then a week later he told me that he kinda liked me and I told him how much I liked him. last week I had a house party for my birthday and him and two others slept at mine afterwards. that night we made out and did some stuff and he really made me think that he liked me but the next day he hardly said a word to me. turns out he had been talking to that girl the whole time and shouldn't of done stuff with me. then yesterday he told my friend that he likes me more as a mate and said that in his head he doesn't think we would work out but doesn't know why. he just keeps going back to that girl because they really like eachother and I have a feeling he decided to end it with me as he was in fear of losing her. I just wish I didn't mess things up at the start or else we could be a couple now. I'm just holding on to the smallest bit of hope that it's new year soon, a fresh start. maybe when it gets warmer and everyone starts going out and meeting again we will become close as we are in the same group of friends. and maybe by then him and this girl we finally be over. and if that is the case, will he give things another go with me? because he's liked me before and was attracted to me and he knows I like him, maybe he's worried about trusting me as I have made mistakes with his best friend before. but yeah, please help.


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  • It doesn't sound like he wants more. Move on.


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