Is this guy being clingy? I feel like I messed up on the first date?

Me this guy on tinder a few weeks ago and we started messaging and he gave me his number the week after. We already met in person a few days ago, and plan on meeting again for a date.

I feel like I messed up. The first time we met, we hung out for 4-5 hours. Talked at school, had coffee, and then talked in the backseat of his car for 2 hours. After around the 1st hour of talking in his car, he started moving closer to me, touching me, and then we went from kissing.. to making out... to him sucking my breast... to him wanting sex, and me saying no twice. So I basically gave him access to my breats and allowed him to be on top of me.

But after that meeting, he later texted me and apoligized and that he just got caught up in the moment. He said whether I wanted to wait for marriage or not, that he wasn't going anywhere.

On the side note he likes to compliment me a lot saying im sexy, i am very attractive, i like you, etc.
He's already mentioned how much he likes me roughly like 4 or 5 times now.

These past few days he's been sending me good morning texts, and although I don't mind them I do question as to whether this will be an everyday thing.

Basically what I am asking is, did I mess up by letting him go to far and making out with me, touching my breast, butt? I did not allow him to undress me at all though. We both stayed fully clothed.

He has also sexted me alittle bit

I feel like it's kind of weird to be doing all this stuff when I don't know him very well. I'm not putting all the blame on him though, I kissed him back and stuff.. and I guess it was b/c I was excited... b/c I never experienced touching/kissing/etc. like that from someone before, and I wanted to know how it felt

For the upcoming date I am thinking about showing minimal contact, no making out or anthing like that, and only giving some pecks/kissess. Do you think he will take offence to that?


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  • Well things got a little heated on the first date and that doesn't mean you ruined anything. As long as it was consensual! To be honest you can get sexual when you think you're ready. My last ex i waited 5 months before sleeping with him and i ended up getting cheated on and so mistreated and with my boyfriend now i slept with him on the 2nd date and we've been together for more than a year.
    This guy seems apologetic and seems like he genuinely wants to get to know you. So just take things slow and get sexual with him once you feel like you're ready. there's no need to rush, regardless he won't respect you any less.


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  • Well i do think you did mess up a little with the whole breast thing but in honesty its you just don't move to fast. If he's begons talking like he's gonna move in with you the next few weeks than in my opinion you going to a plane crash. However i dont think he's being clingy because its sweet. But i would say the both of you werent in the wrong here.


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