I Want to Start a New Relationship, but I'm Having Trouble. What Are Some Good Strategies?

I broke up with my fiancee a couple of months ago, and I want to move on to my next relationship. I met my ex on a dating site, so I've been trying that approach again. However, so far I've only gotten one date out of it, and that date lead to anything because we were mutually not interested. All of my friends have moved away, which wasn't a problem when I was in a relationship, but now I have no one to go out to bars or clubs with, and I no longer have a circle of friends. I also have no coworkers because I'm self employed. Even though I have no one to go out with, I still sometimes go to bars on my own, and I can usually strike up a conversation with someone. I recently reactivated my facebook account in hopes that maybe I could reconnect with someone, but I feel awkward doing it, because I barely know the girls that I'm potentially interested in, and I would feel more comfortable meeting them again in person before I try messaging them.

My question to you all is, considering my circumstances, what are some good strategies for meeting someone special?

Right now, I'm thinking that I might as well keep trying dating sites, but I should make a greater effort to meet someone in person by going out on my own more. I think that Facebook could be a good tool for finding events nearby, but not much more than that. Maybe I could also join a gym or a social club.

Any advice?

Thank you.


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  • Personally I would work on developing a friend group over a relationship. That and odds are that is how you will meet someone you are interested in, doing something that you both enjoy doing. Find what you like to do and find others that do the same.


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