Why hasn't he called?

I've been going out with this guy, for a month, not long but I thought everything was going fine. Not great , but fine. We've both been hurt a lot in the past and we're just just finding it a bit difficult to open up. However, we do enjoy each others company. But now, he has stopped calling or texting me to meet up. What should I do? I would love to ask him wear this relationship is going, or how he feels, but that never really works out well.

Turned out - he was no longer interested. I'm the type of person who needs to know where I stand - so I called him and asked him - so my instincts were right.


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  • I'm not sure how long he's been ignoring you but he made need space. Men are very fragile too, and if he's been hurt in the past, as I have also, I know how hard it is to battle your inner demons.

    You must be there for him and support him because its possible he's scared or thinks he might hurt you. Just be loving, be there for him, and give him space. (unless circumstances change)

  • Good job. It isn't easy to confront people about these kinds of subjects.


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