She "wants to stay single" yet she acts like she really likes me?

One of my friends has been being very open and flirty with me lately. She recently got out of a boring relationship and ever since then our friendship have grown. She goes out of her way to sit by me or talk to me, and I noticed she sits much closer to me than to other guys. Even when I don't engage in conversation with her she will approach me to talk. She asks me to help her with stuff a lot, we have already broken the touch barrier (we've held hands before and she's kissed me on the cheek a couples times, but she's Hispanic so that's not out of the ordinary) she also invited me to a school play that she was in, and laughs a lot at all my stupid jokes. I was suspicious of her intentions, so I had a mutual friend ask her what she thinks about me and her reply was that she knows that I like her and she wants to stay single for a while, but why is she essentially leading me on then? She has never rejected my approaches and I could probably ask her to dinner and she would accept (I'm planning on doing that tomorrow). So is she using me? Is this some sort of determination test to see how hard I will try? Or do you think she's serious about waiting? I feel like the single thing was a nice way of rejecting me, but then why is she still acting like this?


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  • Hey lol...

    Erm this is actually complicated

    1) maybe she likes you back, but doesn't want to he in a relationship too quickly

    2) she just think so you as her best friend but, that is confusing cuz who would kiss their friend?

    • I'm thinking it could be #1 and with #2 she Hispanic so it's not that unusual except I'm the only non Hispanic I've seen her do that to.

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    • South American descent. It's an ordinary gesture for them to kiss eachother on the cheek just like how most people shake hands. And ok

    • Oh then I think she probs sees you as a best friend.

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