How to get over this guy that doesn't seem to care anymore?

This guy and I had been good friends for two years until a few months ago we told each other we were kind of attracted to each other. I wasn't completely sure about feelings for him back then so I did not make much of an effort, and he made a small effort in the beginning but eventually stopped and then just went for a girl who had been chasing him around for a long time. Now, three or so months later, I really miss him as a friend, and after he stopped trying for me my feelings for him have gotten really really strong (I know this is selfish, im sorry). I see him around school all the time and sometimes I will snapchat (yes, snapchat) him and sometimes he snapchats me but other than that we do not talk. I need to get over both missing him as a friend and being attracted to him because he does not seem to be reciprocating either set of feelings. Sometimes, I start to get over him, but then he'll send me a snapchat or look at me in the hallways and I'll fall for him all over again. What do I do? How do I get over him?


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  • Just try not to keep thinking about him. Focus on yourself and making yourself happy first. Try not to snap chat him because that will not help you get over him. I think you missed the attention he gave you. And since he found another girl things are so different between you and him. Their are plenty of guys out their. Just try not to focus all your thoughts and emotions for this guy.


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