Is she into me?

I noticed this cute Chinese girl (I'm caucasian) in class last week and decided that if I had the chance I would talk to her. There are 200 people in this class which i'll get to later on. The galaxies aligned because as I was walking back to the train station she happened to be walking next to me. She was wearing this cute little knit hat so I said to her "I like your hat" and she giggled and covered her mouth (As Asian girls do while laughing) as she said thank you. I left her with a "It's really cute" and gave her a big smile and turned around and just walked away. This seemed to make her day which made me happy.

So, last night I'm sitting in class and I see her walk in and we make eye contact (definitely a little longer than normal). She's also wearing the same knit hat, lol. So again, I say to myself that if an opportunity presents itself I will talk to her. After class, again mind you there are 200 people all leaving at the same time, I find her walking next to me so I say "Hi, remember me?" and she says yes and giggles. We walked together for about 10 minutes sharing small talk (What's your major, where you from, etc etc.). I'd say we were both just as interested in each other and asked the same amount of questions of each other. I asked her "Do you want to get a cup of coffee sometime?" to which she responded "Yes". Then she said this week is busy with finals and she is going back to China afterwards but I got the feeling she was interested but when she got back. We exchanged email (I typed hers wrong in my phone and she corrected it for me) and then we went on our way.

I sent her an email today and her response was pretty short... But I don't know what that means. What are your thoughts on her response?

Nice to meet to you too, (MyName) :) We will definitely keep in touch next semester.

Good luck with your final!



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  • Keep going. She likes you.


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