Ask her out in front of her friends?

I work as a cashier at a cafeteria, and I regularly see this very attractive girl, whenever she comes to eat. We only interact for a few seconds at a time, but we've learned each other's names, and she's invited me to eat with her and her friends before. I just friended her on Facebook, and found out our political ideologies are similar as well. Additionally, I found her on Tinder and liked her profile, though we haven't gotten matched.

Point is, I'm absolutely ready to ask her out. But here are my 3 dilemmas:

1. Our interactions are usually very short, as my cafeteria serves thousands a day, and other people are rushing in at the same time.
2. She almost always has friends with her, leaving me even less opportunity to ask her.
3. I work this job 40 hours a week, so if she was to say no or be creeped out by the fact I asked, she'd have to still come down every day and interact with me. It wouldn't bother me, but I'm concerned if she'll be resentful in that situation.

What's your opinion? Should I ask her out in front of her friends or even other patrons? Should I Facebook message her? Let me know your thoughts!


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What Girls Said 1

  • In my opinion, i think you should totally go for it! Well, not in front of her friends and other people but maybe message her on facebook to ask her to hang out one day and confess when you're alone in person. If her friends are always around, ask her to step aside for a few moments and confess to her. Its always better to do it in private rather than public since there's less pressure on her and on you. If you think there are signs that may include that she may like you back, i don't see why not. Worst thing she can say is no. Good luck!


What Guys Said 1

  • Figure out SOME way to get her by herself.


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