What do you think of dating an ex of a good acquaintance of yours?

Not that the girl he was dating was my best friend, we were never that close and live far away from each other, but we like each other and meet up for coffee from time to time (1-2/year). I met him once about two years ago, at that time he was her boyfriend. I did think he was cute but I would've never done anything to sabotage their relationship, so we went all out as a group, had fun and didn't see each other since. I found a boyfriend myself a moment later.

Now, two years later, our paths have crossed again by coincidence - this time we are both single - we got talking and found out we have a lot in common, get along great and I feel that the attraction is mutual. However, there are moments when it just feels strange to me, I don't know how to explain what I feel but it's like if he were cheating on her with me (even if nothing happened between us yet, mostly because I feel like if I were betraying the girl, even if my conscience is clear knowing I never hit on him or did anything « questionable » when they were together)

Am I a bad person? I certainly feel so. What do you guys think about dating someone who was earlier romantically associated to your acquaintances or friends?


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  • I'm actually in almost the same boat... an old buddy of mine's ex girlfriend told me recently she's had a crush on me since the first day we met, like 5 1/2 years ago now. But anyway sorry I don't have any guidance to give, but I look forward to the responses to your question! Good luck 🍀


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