She just got out of a bad relationship and wants to focus on being single for a while. Is she just kindly rejecting me?

We are friends and we get along great. When I first met her I was interested, but I backed off when I found out she had a boyfriend. Their relationship fell apart and eventually she kissed another guy and felt bad about it so she confessed to her boyfriend who then dumped her. I still didn't go for her after I found out she was single again, but last week she began hanging around me a lot and invited me out with her (not really a date) she's been showing lots of signs that she likes me, so I had a mutual friend investigate. My friend told me that she knows that I like her and that she "wants to focus on being single for now" she didn't say that she liked me, but she didn't say that she wasn't interested. I'm super confused as to why she would initiate everything even when she doesn't want to date and knows that I like her? Is she leading me on or something? Should I give her some time to recover from her past relationship if she is being honest? I don't want to waste my time on this and get screwed over if she's just kindly rejecting me or leading me on.


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  • She just wants to be single for while, man. Just give her some room.

    If anything, don't wait for her. Move on and find someone else. You'd be waisting both her and your time, anyway.

  • Do not think of it as "wasting your time". Since you are not in a relationship with her you have the option to freely do as you please and mingle with the other females you might be interested in. My advice to you is to not rush anything because from my experience, rushing usually ends up in a disaster. Do not think much into it and go with the flow. Hang out with her, give her some time to think things out and show her how fun you can be and how awesome your personality is.


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