Guys who have dating experience: is this unattractive?

I'm specifically asking guys who have dated and had sex.

I'm 19, I'm a virgin and I've never had a boyfriend. I've "talked" to a couple guys, I've kissed and gone further but still not very far/limited experience (you can tell if you kiss me that I haven't kissed much. )

I am not the type that constantly years for a boyfriend. On the contrary right now I'm not interested because I am going through a lot. I'm very insecure which may be why I am kinda afraid of relationships BUT if I met the right guy I wouldn't be afraid to give it a chance. I have only had feelings for 2 guys in my life and I'm completely over them. It is hard for me to develop romantic feelings but when I do, I REALLY do.

Anyway I know the male virgins/guys who never dated would probably love a girl like this but at my age especially in a college atmosphere that's hard to find so I'm asking guys who have dated and had sex.
I guess this isn't the place to ask 😒


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  • That is not unattractive but obviously if you would not show romantic feelings towards a guy after sex sometimes a guy might feel hurt... though he may still want to pursue you for a relationship... Nobody can force you to feel for someone, so if you are seeking no strings attached sex go for it...
    I personally though get a little bit attached to the person I have sex with, I'm maybe not a hookup sort of guy, but it's too early to say

  • Being inexperienced and a virgin isn't unattractive but it isn't for me. You haven't met the right guy... yet


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