How do you DEFINE matching rings?

My boyfriend is going to buy us matching rings when I see him in February, my friend says we're basically eloping and it's the same as an engagement ring. We are very serious about each other and my dad even says he knows we are gonna get married. My dad wants us to get married and is going to help him get a job here (hes from the UK) and is more serious about getting my boyfriend out here than helping me find a job after i've just graduated from college from this school with a great reputation. I think the matching rings signify our being committed and that we will marry next year. I'd really like to hear from a guys pespective what matching rings mean.

What would it mean if you bought matching rings? Is it the same as engagement basically? Is it pre-engagement?

Is it really as my friend stated "eloping" and the same thing as getting engaged practically?
can someone please respond? i want some opinions


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  • It means he's marking you as his


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