I like this guy but he is known to be a player. Should I date him?

So there's this guy, we will call him Ben, I like him but no one knows. He likes me and has liked me for a long time. I have always pushed my feelings aside and told myself they are not real because he is a total player. He gets around and is the type to ask girls for nudes all the time. I have known ben for like 7 years and he is super nice to me. I enjoy having conversations with him but I don't know of I should trust him. Even his friends have told me about him using girls for their bodies.

Also my friends dont like him and I would never be able to tell them I did without them freaking out. This makes them sound like bad friends but they are really great. I have friend zoned him in the past and as I just got out of a relationship I'm worried if I tell them I like him they will think he is a rebound but he is everything right that was wrong in my last relationship and I think if he didn't have such a history with girls he would be perfect. Also he is friends with my ex.

Ben is super fun and I don't even have to think to flirt with him because it comes so naturally. I am not afraid to be myself around him. Everytime im with him i feel super happy and get butterflies. He seems like a great guy but I don't know if I should even bother or if he'll just use me.


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  • Personally, if you truly do believe deep down that he is a player, you probably feel like you will get played. If you do get involved with "Ben", be prepared to get hurt because you can't trust a player. Honestly, I would say you shouldn't get involved with him because sweetie, he's not worth your tears or time if he's a player.


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