First date idea's?

I was thinking of reserving a place for dinner downtown and then a movie, would that be lame? What are some other ideas for a first date? Also should i give her flowers? I was thinking a single rose not like a boquet
Forgot to mention it's really cold out!


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  • If its cold, I think thats a wonderful idea.
    Maybe also if you two are up for it, get some hot chocolate/coffee and walk around and see pretty Christmas lights. My city does a whole light ceremony and stuff.
    Flowers on a first date may be a little too sudden if you barely know each other. But if you two were good friend first, I'd say flowers are cool too.

    • Thank you i appreciate the advice!

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  • Sounds like the perfect date to me but I agree that if you're getting to know one another? A movie might be better saved for a later date but it is your call and what you think she'll love (I would personally dig it but I'm not every girl, obviously). You sound very romantic, like a lot of thought and effort is being made here, I'm sure she'll have a great time with you :)

    • I've known her for 2 years haha. But we have barely talked since college started.

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    • I'm 19 and she's 18 haha. Maybe coffee afterwards?

    • Oh yeah I didn't mean alcoholic drink, just any kind of drink. Just somewhere to sit and chat and talk :)

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  • Dinner is excellent. I think a movie is the worst thing because it limits conversation. Can you drive around and see Christmas lights?

    • Thats a good idea white girls love all things Christmas

    • White? Whatever

    • What? Sorry if i offended you i was just making a joke.

  • No you going over board on first date. do not flatter a girl first date. Just dress nice, and eat somewhere casual. Dinner should be like 30 -40 and anything else above is over spend. Please no flower or gift. It will take pressure off from you and her. You don't know what she thinking or after. Maybe she want just hook up or she just make new friend but you don't know for sure. Just get to know her but not a interview way though. Express yourself to her and tell her what you want

    • What if i've already known her for a while?

    • If you known her for while take her out to something simple. Invite her to your for dinner and movie.

    • Invite her to your house for dinner and movie but make it look nice. Have at least two condum ready just incase you and her want to go at it

  • Call her home and Netflix and chill, itd work cos cold outside


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