Guys, have I busted my chance with her?

So basically she is the hottest girl in our class... and im her closest friend...
There is other guy A.. who hits on her... But she talks to me more...
One day she was sitting on the first row... and there were tears in her eyes... The other dude went upto her and asked "why are u upset"..
unfrotunately I was busy in studies so i did not watch her tears...
Since that day... the girl is getting more and more close to guy A...
have i goofed it up?
  • Guy A has touched her emotional side, she is not going to leave him. I busted my chances.
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  • I should apologize and it will be ok.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Wait.. so why should you apologise?

    • Coz i did not care for her

    • Oh.. is she mad at you for not caring?

      I think you should just man up and tell her how you feel. I truly hate using this word, but you should like you're in the friend zone.. so either get out of there or continue being her mule

Most Helpful Guy

  • Talk to her. Stop flirting and tell her something romantic and win her over! If you don't know what to say we can talk and I can help you.

    • But it will still be in the back of her mind that i did not see her tears but guy A saw them...
      so she will trust him more...

    • No. She'll get over that, it's not a big deal. You can not always be there for her especially when you're not even dating.

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  • You'll be fine. You can bust... something else.

    • Should I say sorry? will it be ok? or it will be always in her mind that i did not see her tears?

    • People get over things. Go apologize.

    • Tnx...

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