Is there even scene in staying with him after this lame excuse?

We used to live across the street from each other so he would spend the night every night. I moved 30 mins away last month. He stood very often last month. This month has been the first time I don't c him in 3 days.
I'm not used to it & I asked him Wats going on. He said its ruff for him to wake up at7am when we go to bed at 1am when he stays here (I get out at 11 at night witch causes us to go to bed late ) He said he gets tired and stuff.
I'm thinking ok that's a valid reason. But then I started thinking beyond that like he works 6 days a week. And it's really inevitable those complaints he has.
I can't change that I live far nor can he change that he has work at 8 am 6days a week. And my hours r 3-11pm so that's y we get to bed so late.
what should I do?
I kind of feel like breaking up cus he doesn't want to sacrifice being tired. Well this is 3days in to the week. I'm not sure how many nights he plans to stay at his. But I don't like it. And I feel like clingy cus if he hasn't stayed in 3 days then he doesn't miss me. Witch makes me feel like just breaking up with him.


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