Girls, What do you actually think the reason is?

On this website for example, you have quite a number of girls saying , " I am not into Indian guys or Black guys , but I can't really explain why ".

My question is if they are not attracted to those race of guys there must be a reason. The response that " I can't really explain why" makes me wonder, what is the real reason behind.

Can girls give your opinion, please.


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  • Maybe it's because some are TOO family-oriented? I know that any guy from any race can be family-oriented though.
    But when a guy is already planning a marriage, family and all that stuff after a few dates then that's a huge deal-breaker for me.

    • thanks :)) do your friends believe that way?

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  • I think the reason (most likely) lies within the media. White men are portrayed as being superior and "hot". And then these girls eat it up and that, to me, is ridiculous.

    • thanks :)) In that case, why do girls give that shitty comment "I can't really explain why" ?

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    • I called you attractive in terms of personality. Never physically ;)

    • I was kidding about the last comment. Hope you didn't take it serious. I am sure you are attractive both personality wise and physically.

      Good luck :)

  • I would assume it's just like any other preference. I can't explain a lot of my preferences. I just have them.

    • thanks :)) But there would be a reason. I mean is it looks, attitude or style , etc. ?

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