Guys, she made the first move and then says she has a boyfriend. Does she really has a boyfriend?

She chased me for 4 months in our college, she used to follow me in the hallways and always in my proximity, used to give a lot of eye contact.
And finally... she came herself to do the introduction... we talked for about 2 hours in the class...
and then we exchanged mails...
Next day she tells me she has a boyfriend... and i told her im single...
she says "dont get offended that im not single, i make a good friend"
I wana ask - does she really has a bf?
  • She really has a boyfriend.
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  • She doesn't have a boyfriend, but making him up so that she doesn't look easy and desperate coz she made the first move.
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What Girls Said 1

  • Does it really matter? She's already making it clear that she plays games and isn't the most honest, loyal person. I wouldn't want to get involved with her whether she has a boyfriend or not.


What Guys Said 1

  • She is a bitch. That's what i can be 100% sure of. Stay away from her.


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