Chances that a girl might have a date with a guy?

Well, the reson for posting this is that there is a girl who has always been catching my eye for more than 3 months at work. At first, I was always following the golden rule :NEVER DATE ANYONE AT WORK. But the fact is the majority if time spent is at work and so I don't really have a large availability for dates.

That girl has always been supportive of me at work and there is something between us. I ever asked her to have lunch together. She agreed but her working hours would no coincide that of mine or that she would have lots of work to do. So is my case.

Christmas is near and I really do not want to spend that season alone. Is there any chance that I have a date with her? If so, what are the dating ideas possible?



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  • I would keep it light. Ask her out for a drink. I wouldn't put her on the spot with dinner unless you think you know each other well enough for something like that or whatever you have between you is strong enough for that. I usually prefer a drink so there's less pressure. But also understand the holidays are very busy for a lot of people so she may not be available.

    The other thing is to strike up a conversation about a movie you want to see. Maybe send her a link to a trailer, and try to gauge if she wants to see it too. If she goes "yeah that movie looks great I want to see it too!" then you can continue the conversation and ease into "hey you want to see it together tonight/some night?"

    • sounds good but what if she makes up excuses? don't advise me to look for another girl as she is different form other girls

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    • I happened to make a gutsy move. I offered her a x-mas gift at work and that too in the presence of some supervisors. I hope that this move won't cost me heftily. by the way, I just learnt some days ago she's a heartbroken girl. so, I can't make any hasty move for the moment.

    • If she's heartbroken you're going to have a tough time. Just make sure you take it slow. Let her know you're interested, be confident and a teeny bit aggressive, but be ready to back off and give her space at the first sign of discomfort on her part. And don't take it personally.

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