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Been talking to this guy online for a really long time and he's just perfect for me in every sense. Physically but most importantly personality wise we click so much. We don't talk that often because he has a job and needs to make ends meet but when we do talk I have extreme butterflies. Like once we didn't talk for a month maybe and he messaged me and it's just like I was instantly happy and excited.
Problem is both our feelings are there. He likes me a lot and I like him a lot but because we live so far je can't do long distance and suggests we remain friends. He said its because he's worried he might fuck up and loose me but I won't be going anywhere. He is also shy because km taller than him but I honestly don't care about height.
Should I just keep talking to. him even though the only chances of us being official are if i move to where he is or he moves to where i am


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  • I wouldn't trust online. It doesn't work out. Go out, meet people

    • He's not like a catfish or something lol we have Skype and such

    • I'm just sayin'

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