What does it mean when a guy wants an exclusive relationship without labeling it bf/gf?

So long story short, I met this guy on an online dating site. Unlike the other guys I've dated, he came straight out and told me the third day of talking to each other he is looking for a long term relationship, which I had no issues with. I'm not trying to be cocky, but I've dated enough guys to know the "rules of dating," but with this guy I feel like I'm in uncharted waters. Im not used to guys asking about kids, job goals, and where either of us see ourselves living in 5 years on the first couple dates. normally this talk happens once I'm in a relationship with a guy for a while. We are both in our mid twenties, and both have very busy job schedules that make it hard to see each other a lot (especially since his job requires traveling). We've been talking to eachother every day for almost 2 months now, and he just found out his job wants him to move to another state (8 hours away) after the holiday. He told me he wants to continue talking, but on an exclusive level. Im not sure how to take that, because it's exclusive but not labeled. Extra details: because of our work schedules we rarely see eachother in person (we've only been on one real date with another one planned once he gets back), but we have1-2 Skype dates every week that normally last 3-6 hours in length. He also keeps saying "we" when referring to future plans instead of him separately.


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  • It's a lost relationship. Don't bother.


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