Guy friend gets annoyed when I speak with other guys. Why?

I've known this guy for 10 months or so now. We met through a mutual friend and aren't that close.

However, I've noticed that whenever I speak about another guy or so he always gets really curious and asks me questions like "are you going to see him again?", "where did you meet?", "did he pay for the dinner?" etc etc. He even asks me questions whether I go to events quite often, what I look for in a guy etc etc.

Lately, I've caught him staring at me whenever another guy is talking to me. I've also noticed that he goes quiet when I mention other guys. He does, however, flirt with other girls. But when I do it he seems to notice and stare at me.

Why does he do this?


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  • He can be a jealous friends. However, I think that perhaps he likes you, he doesn't say it for some reason, he doesn't want you to get involved with other guys and ask this questions to know what you're doing and he stares at other girls and flirt with them to make it seem that he does not want what he actually wants. It's a possibility.

    • Hmm, I think he might like me too but is maybe afraid that I'll reject him and tell everyone in our immediate group. Lets see what happens :) thanks for your answer

    • Yes, it's really a possibility, I say that this is the main reason that a guy does not tell a girl what he feels.

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  • naahhh don't worry. He is ''just your friend''. He doesn't have a crush on you at all. It is just platonic.

  • He wants in. To your pants.

  • Yes highly interested...


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