Boyfriend hasn't texted in more than a week?

So I've been dating this guy for a few months now, normally we don't talk through text (we just use it to coordinate future dates) but I haven't seen/heard from him for a week now. Nothing at all... he has two papers to write and I have final exams but its really weird that I haven't heard from him... should I be concerned or offended by this?


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  • Yeah that's strange, are you just casually dating or is it (was it) going in the direction of a more serious relationship?
    A day or two is a long time for no communication with a boyfriend/girlfriend, a full week is making a statement...

    • we're bf/gf... at least I thought we were

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    • thanks, I should take this as a dumping. do I really want a guy who can't even bother to check in/can go without contacting for a week

    • Well, it at least warrants a conversation. I would take it as a sign that you might be more in to him than he's in to you...

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  • I think he was busy and wanted to focus on school work... maybe he should have called you at night at least!


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  • I'd be a bit concerned. Have you tried to initiate a conversation with him?

    • No, i feel like this might be the start of a slow fade and i've been through it before. I've texted and looked like the fool so i'm afraid to do it again

    • Hard isn't it? I have this girl in my life, and were either texting all the time, or not texting at all. And if I over text when she's not talking, I look needy

  • He probably is killing himself studying
    Send a short simple motivating text


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  • That's kind of sketchy behaviour... I would assume I wasn't that important to him if I hadn't heard from him at all in an entire week.

  • I only wish I was so lucky.


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