Is it weird to get you friends with benefits a Christmas gift and if not what is acceptable?

Okay, hang with me here. I realize in normal circumstances that it is weird. The thing is I don't actually think he is a friends with benefits I'm just not really sure what to call it. I've had FWBs, I'm good at it, I have one thats been off and on for 2 years now its all good. I have gotten him a gift but it was a santa hat and alchol to have as a predrink for a party I was taking him to.

This guy is not like other friends with benefits. We were friends for like 4 months lets say before anything happend. Then starting in June we became friends with benefits, my idea I take the blame for starting it and then naming it as such, then in September I left for Europe for 4 months. We have been messaging and facetiming the whole time I'm over here and although origionally when we started I said we were going back to friends in September you can tell by my texts we aren't friends. Also its not just sex its also just talking about missing each other and shit. Anyways he wanted to see me on Christmas eve, literally the day I got back, we are now seeing each other on Christmas, and I thought he wanted to have sex because hello friends with benefits but when I told him I was probaby going to be tired so I might suck in bed he told me he didn't even realize we were having sex. like okay then...

Anyways when I was Prague I decided to get him something but I wanted it to be a chill gift so I got 2 small bottles of absinthe that have cool labels because then I figured I could suggest we do it together. Now I am in Vienna and I am considering if I should get him another small gift that is more meaningful. Totally out of my comfort zone and have no freaking clue what I am doing.

I need to restate what my second gift would be. First I don't really go for emotional things if you couldn't tell by the fact I have had more then one friends with benefits so when I say meaningful most people wouldn't call it meaningful. Actually I wanted to get him a snow globe from Vienna because this is where they originated and I thought it might be nice, something a little more then just a small bottle of Absinth... But I was worried that that was too meaningful.


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  • Getting a meaningful gift for a friends with benefits is stupid. But really it sounds more like you are boyfriend and girlfriend instead of friends with benefits, just that you aren't willing to admit it.

    • Yes no I agree its stupid to get a meaningful gift sorry let me restate, not something meaningful. HAHA I was thinking about getting him a snow globe in Vienna which isn't really meaningful... just like hey I got you a snow globe and alcohol...

      But yes our situation is interesting which is why I am confused.

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  • I got you a necklace, I appreciate your pussy bb <3

    • Creepy.

    • I don't think you understand what I was asking, still creepy.

  • you're his/her gift:P


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