My friend screwed up my chances with a girl, should I even bother trying to fix it?

I am interested in one of my friends who was showing signs that she liked me, but I had some suspicions so I had a mutual female friend investigated for me. It ended horribly because my friend flat out told her that I liked her and asked about her liking anyone. She responded saying that she wasn't intersested in anyone and that she wanted to stay single for a little while which translates to "no I don't like you". If I knew my friend was going to do this I would have done it myself. Now she has been effectively scared off because she found out way too early and now everything is awkward plus I look like a creepy wuss who can't tell her that I like her without someone doing it for me. It's all a mess now and I'm thinking about talking to her tomorrow to simply tell her that our friend wasn't supposed to say any of that at all, but that probably won't make a difference. Shold I talk to her, act like nothing happened, or just walk away because there is no fixing this?(which is currently what I'm doing) just a tip to whoever is reading this: never trust a friend with anything that has to do with relationships. They will somehow find a way to accidentally fuck up.


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  • If this happened to me I would constantly know and be aware that you were into me. This doesn't mean you should avoid her, it just means give some distance but definitely talk to her. If you don't you will lose contact. I just had this awkward thing happen with a guy 2 days ago and i talked to him today and everything was chill so don't stress.

    • We still talk but it's embarrassing as hell and now my chances have been brutally murdered.

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  • You kind of are a little wuss for not just going up to the girl you liked and talking to her. From what you describe it doesn't sound like your friend screwed anything up because the girl you like isn't interested in a relationship.

    Next time just take the plunge yourself

    • Thanks for assuming stuff before even knowing what my suspicions were. I was suspicious of her intentions and I had heard a few rumors that I will not go into detail about. So naturally I had (or was supposed to have) a friend check it out bease they are closer and these are matters in which I can't straight up ask her about. I may be cautious, but I certainly am no wuss.

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  • YES you should still talk to her!

    • I guess I might because she still talked to me today and didn't run away, plus there is a slim chance that she is being honest about not wanting to date anyone right now because she just got out of a bad relationship, but I don't know

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    • I am. But I spent a while working on myself after the breakup

    • yeah... I think its too soon for her and you. But do what makes you happy!

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  • Good luck on that, I still have one that is mad at me and won't talk to me..

    • She still talked to me like nothing happened today but now it's awkward. Like it was too soon to know that and she can't just forget what she was told. I didn't even know it was possible for my friend to screw up this bad.

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