Which person should I tell? Should I tell both of them?

Ok so I was dating someone and we were good in the beginning. Then stopped driving and now he acts like he can't spend time with me because he doesn't have a car but he goes everywhere else he gets rises to work to the gym to the mall to the studio to a party but he swears he can't come see me because he's not driving. Then when I do see him he says he took his moms car for a but and he'll come see me for like 15 minutes and leave. I told him I dont want to be intimate with him and he said he's done with that. So I start hanging out with my friend that I've known since middle school (I'm 22) and we get along great but he does have some player tendencies as I'm texting a lot of females and social media attention he gets. But I dont make a big deal because i dont are is getting serious. Butttttttt I was on his facebook and seen that my friend from middle school hangs out with the first guys brother. Now I'm not intimate with either one of them but its in my head since. I found out last week. My friend said I should just keep my friend from middle a friend. But even of i do that they're both going to fund out that I text and call both of them. What should I do? Should I just tell one or both of them?


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  • tell them both


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