Would you talk to them again?

We not really a couple, just co-workers that seem to have avoiding each other, she doesn't say anything to me and vice versa. We've went so long not talking I'm missing it. I'm afraid to do it because I'm blocked on IM and she still has me blocked on FB. Kinda avoids any interaction, like pins and needles. passed out cards the other day at work, and I was very surprised she didn't trash it, it's still there ☺hope it's a good sign, what should I do, reach out and try to, med a friendship?
Search on here how-effective-is-an-apology-does-it-work?


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  • Yes. Reach out and mend the friendship.

    • I want to but the mixed signals

    • You don't need signals. You approach her try to mend and shake hands. Regardless of the outcome, you'll have shown to be the bigger person.

    • I tried

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  • Yeah it will work


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  • hmm i think a little detail into the fallout of the relationship in terms of giving a honest suggestion on how or what might mend the issue

    • Search on here how effective is an apology? And it has the full details

    • maybe she doesn't want a work relationship
      maybe she doesn't want you pursuing her through friends on social media
      maybe she doesn't want to deal with it

      whatever it is. just let it go.

  • That's a tough one. What caused the fall out?

    • Search for how effective is an apology. For full detail

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