I'm scared to get close to him?

I just got out of a two and a half year relationship after my ex cheated on me and we ended it in Feburary. Anyway, I've been seeing this guy since July and we have been in a relationship since October. I really like him, however, all of my exes have cheated on me. I know he is not any of them, but I find it hard and scary to really get attached to him because of this. I don't know what to do. I'm not good at talking out my feelings, but I have kind of explained that I'm scared to get attached to him and he's really understanding about it. Is there any type of advice that might help me along?

P. s. I am over my ex. I would never get back with them and I don't even associate with them anymore. He also is in the same boat as me. He was in a two year relationship. In which they had a child together, he takes care of their son and she wants nothing to do with the son. I don't know if he is scared to get attached to me, but he is over his ex. Just not the pain, shock, and betrayal of being cheated on, like me.


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  • I have similar attachment issues for different reasons. The big thing is letting him know that, which you have done, and being that he still wants to make it work is a very good indicator that you don't have to worry with this one.

    Unfortunately the only way to get over it is to suffer through it and dive in anyway. If he s the guy you want him to be he will be there for you and it'll work out in the end.


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