Is he serious about his gf?

If a guy has been in a relationship for a while with a girl and he doesn't put any pictures of her on fb or his whatsapp and also still claims that he is single. Is he serious about her? If he doesn't even mention her when talking to me even when I try to get him to talk about her. Some people say he isn't serious and others say he is but is scared things might not work out so he tríes to keep a low profile. What is your take.


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  • He can still be. Some people don't put their stuff on social media or aren't verbal about their relationships.


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  • Not every guy wants other guys or girls staring at his girl maybe he's not into bragging about being a couple.


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  • Why are you asking this question? Are you one of those sneaky, covertly manipulative females who sparked the term 'hoe' by being interested and going after taken men? If so then fuck off, mind your own business, and stop prying into the relationship details of a situation that doesn't involve you. What he does concerning his girlfriend is none of your concern so stop trying to make it your business and find a boyfriend of your own to worry about.

    If not, there are various reasons as to why people do not put their significant other all over social media. I never put my relationship status on social media nor do I plaster my boyfriend's face all over the internet. For one, it's because I know there are people like you who go lurking online to scrutinize, criticize, and internet-stalk others for information and that weirds me out. Two, not everything needs to be recorded, proven, and taken to the court of public opinion. Giving people access to your relationship can become ammunition or fuel for some sneaky, shady person who has negative intentions to be problematic in the future. Even psychology proves that relationships are healthier without social media.

    • All is fair in love and war. As long as the dude is not married or has kids with a person or his girlfriend happens to be your friend he is fair game. if its meant to be, its meant to be. Hope your relationship works out so you dont have to bitch about sneaky manipulative bitches.

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    • You talk too much. Hoeing is bad for your soul. Period.
      Have a good day, love.

    • The world is not black and white its grey with whiter or darker shades. With men you gotta know where you stand and perhaps I talk to much but you lack intelligence to understand day to day situations or any thing Im saying.

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