Guys, what should I do with the boy i'm seeing, he has been staying and taking care of me post sx, but I saw he was texting a girl from pof?

what should i do with the boy i'm seeing? We met online, but realized we went to high school together. We started hanging out in July and he injured his knee. So he basically stayed with me for about 2 months and then kinda disappeared for a week. He texted and said he was sorry but it's all his fault but things have fizzled out. About 2 weeks go by and he starts texting me and hanging out a lot. He had been texting me in the morning and before bed, and being so amazing. He's 35, the oldest of 5 and helps take care of his sisters 4 kids. The last week he has been staying and taking care of me post surgery, but i saw he was texting a girl from pof. He said he only does it when he's bored at home, nothing has happened that they haven't even met. However, he's been at my house the whole week, and why text and not chat on the site if there's nothing there? When i try to talk to him, he always says "I can go home, I don't have to be here". However, the first argument we had he said that leaving is easy, but he didn't leave then either. But, i have issues with abandonment with men as it is, so i need clear headed advice. Please. The only thing i have asked is that since we are intimate bare-back, that he tell me if he is doing it with anyone else for my safety. i don't get it help?
Help! I don't understand y a guy would stay over a week taking care of me after surgery if he didn't somewhat care. We've never talked commitment other than b honest if u sleep w/someone else 4 safety. i thought we've been having fun n building on something since he came back around, n it feels like we're pretty much dating already. Not to mention we've talked about having a possible 3some, or at least find a hot clean strange that would let him watch. So y is he texting girls from apps?


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  • All the feelings you are posting here... you need to share with him. Talk with him. Tell him how you feel. Ask for what you want. He can't read your mind.

    You deserve to have your feelings met in a relationship.


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