Should I text her again?

She hasn't texted me back in 4 hours. We're supposed to go out Friday, and we have neglected to make plans. Should I wait for a response or just send the new text, ya know... cause she took too long.
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I need some you females opinions if you dont mind xD thanks all


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  • Ehhh. Well personally i would just text her again, just because maybe she forgot or she was busy and couldn't reply. Just send her a message trying to plan towards Friday. This happens all the time, like sometimes i leave my phone laying around and start doing something and don't reply for a couple hours. Just send a second text, nothing bad should come out of it. Don't overthink either. If she doesn't reply to the second one just wait. If she doesn't reply the next day, i got nothing then bruh. But good luck :D


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  • Don't you dare. Think of it this way, if you to text her and seem desperate she won't be as interested. If she doesn't text you back she's a cunt and its time to move on.

    • It's not an opener we've had conversations before. This Friday is just the first time we're going out

    • Just don't man

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