How long is too long between texting conversations with a girl you're dating?

Been on three dates with a girl and she is in contact, she's initiated text nearly every 1-2 days with me. Our last date was at her place watching a movie, cuddling and kissing.

A day and a half later, I initiated texting and I then asked when she was free in which she said "I'm off this Thursday but I have plans, so when I have my new rota I'll let you know".

She won't get her new work timetable until the weekend which is a couple of days off, but it's been two days since we last spoke and she hasn't initiated, which is odd because she's been blowing my phone up the last 3 weeks.

How long is too long to not text a girl you like? It's been 2 days, should I just send her a text "checking in" on her? Or could I go the full 4 days until the weekend and text when I know she'll have her work timetable?


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  • Too long in my books is like 5 days haha.
    You should send her a "checking in" text, i'm sure she would love it. :D


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