When you like someone, people say just go ask him/ her out.. but what if you have and things are still unclear?

he's asked me out I've asked him out and it was supposed to be like the question that stops all questions. like he says yes or no and either way i have an answer and i know what to do.

so now what? i just wanted an answer. he's claiming he's confused by me, but i dont know if thats true bc if so

- why hasn't he brought it up before now?

- also can't you be confused and still know whether you want to go out?

-wouldnt he tell me why he's cofused if it really bothered him?

I really dont see why any of tihs means he can't answer-even to say no. no is fine. tihs all seems very unnecessary. and i dont see the point in dragging things out.

What in tihs situation, can i do to get a clear answer im satisfied with so i can move on, or we can go out?

I dont mind rejection, or him reacting badlyu. that wopuld just strengthen my resolve to move on. and at this point i want a decision not more guessing.. and hey maybe he's being honest he's just confused and we can clear things up and take a chance., :)

but, what do i say?


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  • Tell him to make things clear.


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