Will he propose, like ever?

Me and my boyfriend have been talking and he brought up engagement rings, practically saying that he wants to buy me one. The thing is, that he doesn't have a dime right now.
And I don't see how this could change in next few months. Why would he bring up that topic if he wasn't planning on proposing for a year or more? Do guys do that?
I don't want to ask him when is he planning to propose, because I don't want to pressure him or anything. I am not dying to get married or anything. I just hate waiting, especially when I don't know for how long.


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  • Maybe he's planing to sell some of his own stuff to get the ring? Like his rare stuff that normally he'd say never would i sell it.

    Also it could be to get an idea of how hard he has to work to get you the ring you want.


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  • It's always a good conversation to have. So what if it's not happening now or within a year, at least you know he wants to take that step and spend his life with you.

    • I am not wondering whether he loves me or not, b/c I know he does. And that's enough for me. I would still marry him even if there were no rings or a wedding. Courthouse is good enough for me. It's just that I'm an impatient person and when I know I should expect something I have this nagging urge to obsess about it too much.

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    • Yeah I'll do that. Thanks :-)

    • You're very welcome! :)

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  • Have you been doing cohabitation with the hopes of thinking it was one step towards marriage?

  • he will propose, you should be patient


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