What's with a girl liking me on OkCupid, then never responding, then weeks later I add her on FB and she accepts, then deleted me?

She made it easy to find her by having her whole name in her screenname anyway, but I don't get it! She sought ME out by finding me then pressing LIKE on there... you'd think she'd want to have a bloody conversation


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  • It's just flakiness or maybe she is paranoid you will know too much of her life and will go on a stalking rampage.

    • okay. I see you now, but you have your options set so only followings can message you? :P

    • oops crap wrong person nvm

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  • Maybe she saw something on your facebook she didn't like? Are you Atheist/Religious? Do you have many pokemon memes? A political party she may not like? it is normal to add someone on facebook, she they like something you are super opposed to and leave.

    • She didn't respond to me AT ALL and just accepted my FB add today. It's been like a month...

      I was complaining in my last few status updates but that doesn't explain the total lack of responding to anything

    • Ya no idea then. Women.

    • ya well wish there'd be more sane ones

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  • Online is fake

    • no her FB seems legit...

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    • Yes, I will do.

    • RomanEmperor

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