If your SO told you to eat him/her?

If your plane crash-landed, and you and your SO were the only survivors, and s/he told you s/he wanted you to eat him/her to survive... what kind of condiment would you use?

  • Ketchup
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  • Ranch Dressing
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  • Barbeque Sauce
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  • Marinara
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  • Say Sauce
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  • Mustard
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Vinegar. Love it.

    That way I could cure some of the meat do that I could travel and try to find help.

    • What if it turned out help were just over the next hill?

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    • Exactly. Like the Roald Dahl story.

    • *runnoffs to Wikipedia*

Most Helpful Guy

  • Marinara, sounds pretty good.

    • Actually BBQ could be good too, over a spit roast.

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    • Good question. Assuming I had all the ingredients the most difficult process would be finding a good container and being able to soak long enough before the meat spoiled. If the plain had some sort of freezer compartment I could probably use that as long as it was still intact. I believe they use dry ice or similar so I may be able to marinate it for some time. I might be able to use a garbage bag otherwise or some other container if everything else is destroyed, or even some scrap metal that had some sort of dip to it.

    • A gold star for you, good sir...

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What Girls Said 3

  • Uhh, I wouldn't eat him, I couldn't do it psychologically, and on top of that I'm also a vegetarian o_o

  • So if we're stranded, where exactly are these condiments coming from?

  • I'm scared...


What Guys Said 2

  • But if we landed on a island, I have survival skills we both end up living

    • What if you landed on a frozen mountain peak?

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    • I wouldn't eat her I'll kill myself before eating her

    • Everybody *says* that...

  • What does SO mean?


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