If he hasn't asked to see me again by now, is he just not feeling me? Or is he just nervous?

In person when we hang out he totally seems interested; he asks me questions and is a gentleman. We've only hung out twice for a few hours each in our dorm rooms, chillin as friends. He asked me to dinner after the last time we hung out (a few weeks ago now) and it never happened because he never got back to me on a day. Even when I messaged him asking when.

I shrugged it off because the next time we saw each other he asked me again, and he suggested a day and I said sure. But it never happened. He never messaged me.. Nothing. We go to an intense college and he is in a band.. He's also not the type to go after women or have women into him it appears. I'm not saying he's a total nerd, but he is strong in his own game of school and music.

On Facebook, he likes my photos and posts (and he doesn't like other people's). On a dating app, tinder, he and I matched last week. So he actively swiped right. And I don't think he goes on it often because I had never seen him on there before & I had it for a while & I had gone through all the people at my school since its small. I had messaged him on there that we should get together and that I really like seeing him. He never responded.

then we walked by each other a few nights ago. He seemed off.. More reserved, didn't suggest to hang out.. Nothing. Then last night we walked by each other; I didn't notice him until he waved at me. Then tonight we walked and talked as we went to this building since we ran into each other. He holds doors open for me, he always makes an effort to engage in a conversation... But again he seemed off. More reserved; like he was thinking about his actions and words or something. Less happy. It's finals week and I know he's busy, but he never suggested to meet again. Is he just not interested at all?


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  • ask him whats been on his mind. if he needs a friend to talk with you're there :)


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