If I have a lot of girls that are friendly towards me does that mean they would date me?

I have a lot of friends who are girls, most of whom I have met through various clubs and stuff. Anyway I see them around campus and they always smile when they see me, and I wave and maybe talk to them for a little bit, but I have like 6 or 7 girls that do this and I can't tell if they are just being friendly or if they are slightly interested in me. I really want a girlfriend since I have never had one, and I am looking at all the girls I know right now to see who I want to ask out, would always saying hi to me and smiling when I am near be grounds enough to ask a girl out? Does that mean they are interested? Also I am a wuss and dont ask girls out unless I am 100% sure they like me, how do I know they like me?


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  • There usually just being friendly but could flirting i doubt its flirting though cause when it comes to that girls usually go up to you when doing that


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  • BRO... the biggest mistake u do is u immediately get into the friendzone...
    and once u are in friendzone... it is extremely difficult to get out of there...
    From the first time u meet a girl... she should know that ur looking to fuck her and not be her friend... that is seduction..
    u try to become friends and then some dude comes who seduces her and u cry like a baby...


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  • They just want to become friends


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