He invited himself over this Friday to talk about our relationship. He said it is going to be a "good talk" for the both of us. Is he breaking it off?

Long story short, my boyfriend and I of about 3 and a half months decided to slow the relationship down (his choice) at the end of the first month. When we had the relationship talk, he said it was a "good talk". I didn't really see the "good" in it because he basically said he wasn't ready for a relationship with me but wants to continue to take it slow. At this point, I'm assuming, "he wants to not commit so he can sleep around and date other people." So I am an emotional mess. But to him it was a good conversation. Since the talk, he has continued to treat me the same in person, and give me what I want in a relationship.

In person, he's great. In text, he comes off as disinterested. He doesn't respond to cutesy/relationship type comments (I miss you, etc.), he blatantly ignores them; he doesn't initiate texts; etc.

After enduring this off and on for a couple months, I finally cracked. I was going to bring it up this weekend when we saw each other, but one text led to another and then to another, and then I eventually laid every concern I have ever posted on this website out for him to see.

After bringing my concerns to the surface, he said that he doesn't want us to get too serious at this time, and that he doesn't want to lead me on to think that we will have a full on committed relationship any time soon because he has a lot of things going on and he doesn't feel he can be a good boyfriend to me right now.

I wrote a lengthy novel response, told him that I had been gaining the courage to talk to him about it over the weekend. I told him that I get hurt because I felt like he lost interest in me, and that the feelings are onesided. I said, "If you like me, show me. If you want me, show me." I went on to explain how much I enjoyed getting good morning texts, or just knowing that he couldn't wait to see me. But these are things he has stopped doing.

He said that he "understood where I was coming from" with my concerns and then he proceeded to invite himself over a day earlier than when we planned, so that we could talk it over. He also ended the text by telling me goodnight with a kissy face emoticon.

I asked if it was going to be a good talk, and he said "It will be a good talk. It will be good for the both of us."

Do you think he is going to break up with me? He has a twisted way of seeing the good in things, and based on our last talk, I'm scared.


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  • Text is confusing. Don't worry too much about it.


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