He slept with his baby mama, is there anyway of getting passed this or is it even worth the fight?

I was seeing this guy for about 2 weeks I know it's a very short time but me & him just clicked it felt like we knew each other for ages. He made himself exclusive to me told his friends and family about me. Now when we first hung out I went over his for dinner & we just talked he didn't make a sexual move at all, he actually asked questions about me, he was just different. We behaved like we were a couple even though we hadn't given ourselves a title he even said to me don't talk to know guys cause I'm not talking to know girls, in my eyes there was potential here & he even said & showed that he wants to settle down and have something serious. Now regarding his baby mama, when they split he didn't want to get back her and out of spit she moved herself & the kids very far away and he only got to see them on occasion like birthdays Christmas etc. This Monday somehow she was in out city and he asked to have the kids over. Me & him were ment to hang put Tuesday night I didn't hear from him & I knew in my gut feeling something was up. The next day at night he tells me through a text he has a confession to make I said you slept with your baby mama didn't you he said yes I really *f* up this time. I was so pissed off I wasn't sad i was angry I feel so betrayed & disgusted. He still kept saying out he dosnt want to be with her but I honestly didn't feel enough guilt from him. That night he said he would come to mine and sort this out but before that he had to go give his brother some money and watch a football game, & he was drinking. He came to my door & he just expected me to appreciate his hones he kept saying would you rather me not tell you? The last thing I said to him was the sad thing is in my head & heart I could forgive you but my gut says f**k you so I'm following my gut. I don't know why I feel like I could forgive him I know deep down the thought of them two together will always linger & I could never trust him not to do this again. Oh & he lives on the floor


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  • Probably would ruin your relationship. move on.


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  • No no point in talking to idiots!


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