Im confused with this girls intentions?

So I sure with this girl fir a while over the summer. We ended up taking a lot and I really like her. She eventually got laid off but we still tasked to each other in Facebook. I Told her that I like her and she said she liked me back but she has a boyfriend. She said she's not sure if she still loves him or not. Anyways we met up and went out to lunch and after we shared a small kiss. Nothing major, just a peck. After I dropped her off we talked in Facebook fir the rest of the day but fir the past week she hasn't really tasked tio me much. She just got a new a couple of weeks ago and she has to take care of her kid which I understand but I feel like I made her uncomfortable such aren't my intentions. Should I just leave it be or should I ask her if anythings wrong. I'm so confused about the show situation.
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  • You should move on for your sake.


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  • Bro she is cheating with u on her boyfriend... even if she breakup with her boyfriend... she will cheat on u aswell in future... just leave this bitch.


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  • This is a no-win situation for you. She has a boyfriend and a child, to be blunt you are just a diversion for her. Time to move on.


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